Monday, November 26, 2012

Carpet Installation in NJ

If you had a flood in your home then you know how impossible it can be to clean your carpet after such event. After carpets get wet they can trap in moisture along with all the bacteria, which in turn begins to smell really bad. If you are having this problem and need a new carpet installation in NJ make sure to get qualified professionals from Ace Carpet Cleaning & Restoration to inspect and carry out the process. 

Ace Carpet Cleaning & Restoration are the best carpet installers in NJ providing you with excellent skills, craftsmanship and best carpeting techniques available. Our company is fully licensed and insured so you don't have anything to lose. We have many carpeting options to suit your needs and will work to bring you satisfactory results. Our priority is to provide quality work along with great customer service and professionalism. 

If you need a carpet installation in NJ call Ace Carpet Cleaning & Restoration now at 973-328-3438.

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