Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Morris County, NJ

Oriental rugs are an item to consider if you want to bring out the most of your home’s interior design. Although these rugs can get dirty, there are always expert Oriental rug cleaning in Morris County NJ services, such as ours, that can come into the home and revive the carpet. Sure, these rugs are expensive. This is because they often incorporate handwoven stitch work and intricate designs. We promise to provide the same amount of care in cleaning your oriental rug as the creators did in crafting it. 

At Ace Carpet, we are aware of the expert craftsmanship that goes into each Oriental rug. Our professional cleaners take each rug's unique qualities into consideration when performing Oriental rug cleaning in Morris County NJ. We offer free pick-up and delivery of these rugs so you don't have to find a vehicle to carry them to our cleaning facility. Our dedication to enhancing the look of your Oriental rug ensures that stains, debris, and odors are lifted from the rug, leaving it fresh and clean.

But if you are on the fence about why an oriental rug is worth considering, even with the hefty cost, we’ve assembled a list why our customers told us they’ve been happy with their decision to purchase one.

Easy Care, Easy Life

Yes, when your oriental rug gets stained, it requires the touch of an expert to properly care for it, otherwise you run the risk of damaging the material. Still, general dirt and debris is easier to take care of on an oriental rug than a traditional carpet surface. Care is relatively simple and these rugs are known to last for years beyond years. Our affordable Oriental rug cleaning in Morris County NJ assists in the longevity of your beautiful piece.

Beautiful Centerpiece

Most people choose oriental rugs because they are a wonder to the eyes. In the middle of your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter, an oriental rug will really bring the room together. The handcrafted design is unique and elegant, enough to turn a few heads in the rugs directions.

Each Style is Different

The beauty is one aspect of these rugs, but its magnified when you understand how many styles, colors, and textures these rugs are available in. We see a new type of Oriental rug every day when we’re called out to clean one. And let us tell you that each was stunning after we removed all of its guck and grim.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Persian Rug Cleaning in Morris County, NJ

Are you looking for Persian rug cleaning in Morris County NJ? At Ace Carpet, we are passionate about rugs designed from around the world, using methods set in place thousands of years ago. Our professional cleaners use their experience and knowledge of the various types of Persian rugs, dyes, and fibers to perform Persian rug cleaning that leaves it fresh and clean. Our cleaning methods carefully inspect, clean, and dry Persian rugs to free them of stains, debris, and other buildup accumulated over the years. Persian rugs are delicate and fragile. These hand-sewn centerpieces are often so beautifully designed, they’d qualify as a work of art. But like anything else in this world, they can take damage and get dirty. In fact, most of the damage caused by homeowners to their Persian rugs comes from improper care. A delicate rug deserves a delicate touch.

We’ve gotten plenty of calls in our day. Somebody read a few guides online and watched a few YouTube videos, and they thought they could perform Persian rug cleaning in Morris County NJ on their own. They ask us if the mess they caused is salvageable. Sometimes it is, many times it’s not. Using the wrong chemicals or process on the Persian rug can spell disaster. And then you’ll have the work of art taking up space in a closet or buried somewhere in the basement.

Our expert Persian rug cleaning in Morris County NJ can get even the deepest stains out of the delicate material. We have a proven track record of reviving dirty or damaged designer rugs. We bring our expertise to every job we take on. We understand that a Persian rug can really “complete the room.” We also understand that when it’s soiled, the only job it does it remind you of what once was.

This image of your past Persian rug doesn’t have to be locked in the past. Let us come to the rescue and revive that worn out rug. An old saying goes something like, “A good Persian rug is hard to kill.” So even if you’ve attempted a cleanup job to disastrous results, there’s a good chance we can get in there and put the smile right back on your face with our affordable Persian rug cleaning in Morris County NJ. We offer free pick-up and delivery of your rug so you don't have to find a vehicle that can carry it to our cleaning facility.

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