Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Carpet Cleaning in Maplewood, NJ

You do all of the right things when it comes to your health and your family’s health.  You take vitamins, exercise regularly, and wash your hands to limit your exposure to germs, but have you ever considered your carpet as a potential health risk?  Vacuuming frequently is always a good idea, but there is more that you can do to remove the dirt, dust, and bacteria that settles into your rug.  For a truly sanitary living room, ACE Carpet Cleaning & Restoration offers carpet cleaning in Maplewood, NJ to improve the cleanliness of your home.

For over 25 years, ACE Carpet Cleaning & Restoration has been changing the way Maplewood residents live by cleaning their carpets with quality and professional service.  If you have scheduled a cleaning with our experts, you do not have to lift a finger.  We move all of your furniture and put it back after the cleaning is done.  Our low moisture technology means that there is no waiting time for the carpet to dry and you can go right back to enjoying your carpet after we leave.

As our customer, you should not have carpet cleaning in Maplewood, NJ restricted to weekdays only.  We also offer emergency services outside of regular business hours.  If it is Friday night and you want to get your carpet ready for tomorrow’s party, we will respond to your call within 30 minutes.  

Inevitably, dirt will find its way into your home, but you do not have to permanently live with it.  For more information about our Maplewood carpet cleaning services, call ACE Carpet Cleaning & Restoration today at 201-444-1610 for a free cleaning estimate.  

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