Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Upholstery Cleaning Essex County NJ

Upholstered furniture receives many daily pollutants that affect the condition and life span of your furniture. Furniture gets covered daily with dust, skin particles, body oils, dust mites and other environmental pollutants that are hazardous to your health and spoil your upholstery coverings. Replacing furniture is not cheap so if you want to keep your upholstery clean and beautiful, professional upholstery cleaning is necessary. If you need upholstery Cleaning Essex County NJ, then Ace Cleaning & Restoration is the place to call. At Ace Cleaning & Restoration we have been providing upholstery cleaning services to residential and commercial customers for over 25 years. Our technicians are trained in the care and maintenance of all upholstery types, from the most common to the most delicate and expensive fabrics.

At Ace Cleaning & Restoration NJ, our gentle and effective cleaning process cleanses and rejuvenates your upholstery, without damaging your furniture or leaving behind any harsh chemical residues. After the upholstery Cleaning We will recommend a Scotch Guard protection application to keep at bay any future dirt and spills from soiling you're freshly cleaned upholstery surfaces. For upholstery Cleaning Essex County NJ, Ace Cleaning & Restoration is at your service. For more information on our upholstery cleaning services, you can visit our website at www.acecarpet.net or give us a call today for a free estimate at (800) 958-9583 or (973) 328-3438.

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