Monday, November 19, 2012

Carpet Cleaning in NJ

The effects of hurricane Sandy can still be felt. Many of the homes that were negatively impacted by the hurricane are still not back to working condition and that could be due to various reasons. However, if one of those reasons are your carpets then fret no longer for help has finally arrived. Ace Carpet Cleaning and Restoration is here to to provide a multitude of services such as carpet cleaning in NJ to make sure your carpets are as good as new.

After an event such as Sandy it is obvious that a simple vacuum cleaning is not going to be able to restore your carpets. A professional carpet cleaning in NJ would be able to eliminate some of the hazardous materials found deep within the carpet such as dust mites, mildew, and grime. Ace Carpet Cleaning and Restoration has been a professional carpet cleaning company for over 25 years therefore, we have experience with dealing with events such as Sandy as with many others. Our carpet specialists have the knowledge and experience to handle any job that they encounter. It is also very important to note that our carpet specialists do much more than just clean your carpet, it is a total care service. At the end of our procedure, they return all furniture back to its original position and leave your house as if they had not even been there. We also provide our clients with more services than just NJ carpet cleaning. Here is a list of some of the other services that we provide:
If you have been affected by Sandy and want your carpets to be as good as new, or if you have a question about any of our services, please do not hesitate to call us at: (973) 328-3438!

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