Friday, March 1, 2013

Carpet Cleaning in Maplewood

It is nearly March and sports fans everywhere know what this time of year means for college basketball: The March Madness Tournament.  The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is the time of office pools, brackets, and seemingly nonstop basketball action to watch.  Your bracket may be with coworkers, friends, family, or a combination of them all and you might even want to have everyone over to watch some games as the tournament winds down.  However, if your home is not clean, you might be embarrassed to have anyone step foot in your house.  For help getting your house ready for guests, ACE Carpet Cleaning & Restoration offers carpet cleaning in Maplewood.

If you are someone who tends to put things off until the last minute, that is not a problem for our company.  Our cleaning technology does not create as much moisture as other Maplewood carpet cleaning methods, so there is almost no time spent waiting for the carpet to dry.  In addition, we refrain from using any chemicals that would be harmful to pets, children, or the environment; you will not have to air out your home before returning to normal living.  

Even if your bracket is not panning out the way you thought it would, you can still enjoy the victory of having a clean carpet; be proud of your home this March.  To find out more about our Maplewood carpet cleaning services and to receive your free carpet cleaning estimate, call ACE Carpet Cleaning & Restoration at 201-444-1610.

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  1. i have a simple house, its made of wood..i do have carpets and i make sure that i can clean them during my vacant time..its not good to look at also if it has dust on it.

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