Thursday, July 18, 2013

Carpet Cleaning in Montclair NJ

Even if you regularly vacuum your carpets, some dirt willeventially get deeply embedded and will not come out. That is why Ace Carpet Cleaning and Restoration offers carpet cleaning services in Montclair NJ. Our expert staff has the knowledge and skills to successfully remove any of the dirt or stains and make your carpet look brand new again.

Ace Carpet Cleaning and Restoration uses only safe, organic and non-toxic cleaning solutions when we clean carpets in Montclair NJ. This will not only improve the quality of your carpet, but also prove to be safe for any pets or family members.

Ace Carpet Cleaning and Restoration takes great care of every carpet, area rug or upholstery that we clean. We will remove and replace all of the furniture to make sure that no spot is neglected. We have also developed a low moisture technology system which allows a quick drying time. You will not have to wait for hours before walking on your carpet.

If you would like more information on Montclair NJ carpet cleaning, call Ace Carpet Cleaning and Restoration at 201-444-1610 for a free estimate.


  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. Now a days people gets very less genuine and good carpet cleaning services. I always fall in tension when my pets did carpet uncleaned. But I must say thanks to my Upholstery Cleaners in Illinois because of that guys my home carpet looks healthy and maintains indoor air quality.

  2. Great post I am very impressed. I grew up in Montclair also. Now I have my own carpet cleaning Portland Oregon business where I provide very similar services. I love to find great blogs on carpet cleaning and i'm bookmarking yours for sure.